Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Engagement Ring Trends

I am often asked about trends in the wedding industry, so I wanted to share with you some of the beautiful trends we are seeing in Engagement rings this season.
1. Pave
We are seeing micro pave diamonds on engagement rings and bands.  We are seeing a trend of pave diamonds with all diamond shapes and settings.  We are even seeing rings with pave diamonds on the prongs of the ring. The pave diamonds fit so closely together that you can hardly see any metal.  Just what all the ladies want, more sparkle! This ring is by one of my favorite designers Michael B

 2. Halo
This is a trend that started last year and has really taken off.  Halo stands for a Halo of diamonds surrounding the main stone.  This is being done with all stone types.  In most cases the Halo is made up of Pave diamonds. This beautiful Halo ring above is by Simon G.
3. The Solitaire
This is one ring trend that will never fade.  There is nothing more beautiful than a round diamond solitaire.  It really is a timeless ring and will never be out of style.  Another great benefit to the solitaire is that you can dress it up with the wedding band, or just leave its simple elegance.  The sparkling solitaire above is from Tiffany and Co.

What engagement ring trends are you seeing?

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