Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why do we do that? Part one

Just a few weeks ago I attended a Bridal shower for my soon-to-be Cousin. At the shower we played a great game called "Why do we do that." Many wedding traditions originated from superstitions and folktales. So we were asked to match the custom with the original superstition.

There were 18 so here are the first 9. You can find the second half on this Fridays blog.

1. Designating a specific ring finger was because, it contains the vein of love.

2. The Bride wears a veil because it wards off evil spirits by disguising the Bride

3. The Bride wears a white gown because it proves the Brides worthiness.

4. Serving wedding cake to guests is so that guests can collect crumbs as a token of good luck.

5. Cutting the wedding cake together symbolizes the couples shared future.

6. The Bride stands on the left of the groom, so he can defend his bride, his right arm must be free.

7. The Bride carries a bouquet because the strong smell wards off evil spirits.

8. The groom wears a boutonniere so he is wearing his ladies colors to display his love.

9. The wedding party dresses alike, to confuse evil spirits about who is really getting married

Interesting isnt it...come back friday for the final 9.

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