Monday, March 11, 2013

We were featured on Style Me Pretty!

Want to see something GORGEOUS?! Of course you do! Well you're in luck, because Kelli and Aaron's gorgeous Blumen Gardens Wedding was just featured on Style Me Pretty Illinois, and literally everything about it was breathtaking. We are so happy to have been a part of this amazing day, and to have helped make Kelli and Aaron's dream wedding a reality.

Sneak Preview:

Now, if you think you can handle this spectacular fall wedding in all of its loveliness, CLICK THIS LINK to see the Style Me Pretty Feature!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Centerpieces: Thinking Outside of the Flower Box

I think we're all in agreement that floral centerpieces are absolutely gorgeous. You know Anne Hathaway? Well before she won like every award on the planet for playing Fantine in Les Miserable, she spent a solid $100,000 on flowers for her super secret wedding. Unlike last minute wardrobe changes, flowers are always a do. (OMG what was the deal with her Oscars dress, amiright?!)

However, that does not mean that you HAVE to stick to a strict garden theme when deciding on your centerpieces. You've got options ladies, so feel free to mix it up. Your wedding is a reflection of you and your style, and if your style is a little less floral than most, that's okay!

So with that, I'd like to present some lovely centerpiece options that are not garden grown.

How adorable is this?!  I have been obsessed with this image since I saw it for the first time on Martha Stewart Weddings, and I cannot wait for a La Di bride to run with this idea.  It's such a sweet and timeless way to infuse elegance and femininity into your wedding, while still doing something unexpected.  And (bonus!) the teacups can double as wedding favors for your guests, allowing everyone to take home a permanent and memorable fixture of your big day.   

Oh hey, GORGEOUS!  This is a real La Di Wedding, and it looked even more OMG breathtaking in person.  Lantern centerpieces allow you to capture all of the romance of a candle and make it the focus of your table in a simple, clean, controlled way.  This is a perfect option for a bride planning a rustic country wedding with a modern twist. (BTW: This lovely lantern/flower combo was brought to you by The Petal Boutique. Tiffany is amazing.)

What is more reminiscent of a classic love story than a stack of classic love stories?  This is such a great personal touch for big readers, academics, or anyone who just really loves the look of a stack of vintage books (i.e., everyone in the world). It allows you to either incorporate items that you already own into your centerpieces, or to build a fantastic library that you can display in your home after your wedding as a subtle reminder of your special day.

Have you ever met a person who does not love cake?  Yeah, me neither.  Cakes, much like flowers, are universally beloved, and making them your centerpieces is a sure way to make all of your guests giddy about your wedding.  I actually attended a wedding with cake centerpieces and people flipped out. "Did you see that there's a little cake on our table?! OH MY GOD, I LOVE IT!"  Guests have become accustomed to receiving some kind of cake-like dessert at a wedding, but putting it whole and pretty on their tables from the beginning of the night is a lovely unexpected twist.  PLUS, because cakes can be decorated essentially however you want, making the cake your focal point allows for a pretty much unlimited color/style palate. 

So brief recap: Flowers are AMAZING.  Anne Hathaway's Oscar Dress was of questionable taste. Centerpieces can be tailored to reflect your personal style.  Teacups, lanterns, books, and cakes are all good  options. People get crazy when presented with desserts.  And now I want cake.  That last one wasn't really part of the recap, but I felt like it was important that it be said.    
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