Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shout it out!!! Its Magic!

As each wedding has arrived I have found myself falling in love with a new item in my emergency kit. This weekend was the first time I was forced to use shout wipes and now I completely believe in magic.....

It was about 5pm this Saturday when the Bride arrived for her beautiful ceremony and reception at the Stan Mansion. As she walked through the door I could see that there was something wrong. She had sat on Chocolate in the limo we believe and it was all over the back of her dress!!! The tears were starting to well up in her eyes as I escorted her upstairs to my emergency kit. I debated in my mind which item in my kit was best suited for this type of emergency. I decided to go with the shout wipes. I was absolutely AMAZED!!! The shout wipes completely removed the stain. As she walked down the aisle I was still excited that there was no sign there had ever been such an emergency. Thank you Shout wipes!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Processional Fun!!

This Bride and Groom made their entrance down the aisle alot of fun!! check it out!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Deodorant Stain Secret! (But tell everyone you know!!)

So it has happened to all of us at one point in time, we get dressed and then notice that we have deodorant on our clothing. During a regular day we could just change our clothes and we have solved the problem.
But what about if you get deodorant on your wedding dress, bridesmaids dress etc! Don't worry ladies I have the secret that is going to solve that problem!! It just so happens to be one of the least expensive and most used items in my emergency kit! All you need is the foam hanger cover that comes on most hangers from the dry cleaners.
Just rub the stain horizontally and vertically with the foam and the deodorant is removed! It is easy and does not require any soap or water. Bye bye deodorant!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Priscilla of Boston Designer Event

Priscilla of Boston will be holding a Designer Collection Event July 23-27 at all of their salons. Come see the new designs for the season from their six designers: Priscilla of Boston, Melissa Sweet, Vineyard, Reverie, Jewel and Platinum.

Call for an appointment!

Priscilla of Boston
17W170 22nd St
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Here is the traditional list of gifts that can be given to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Most couples do not follow this anymore but it is really interesting. You would have to be pretty creative to find gifts for some of these years!! But it would be fun!!

1. Paper
2. Cotton
3. Leather
4. Silk
5. Wood
6. Iron
7. Copper or Wool
8. Electric Appliances
9. Pottery
10.Tin or Aluminum
11. Steel
12. Linen
13. Lace
14. Ivory
15. Crystal or Glass
20. China
25. Silver
30. Pearls
35. Coral and Jade
40. Ruby
45. Sapphire
50. Gold
55. Emerald
60, 70, 75. Diamond

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Bless us with time to...
enjoy moments together,
to listen to each other,
to be understanding and considerate.
Give us the time...
to solve our problems,
to forgive and forget,
to plan for the future.
And to always let us remember
when we first fell in love.

It was just two years (tomorrow) that I was the Bride. Feeling nervous about something that may go wrong, hoping that my day would go according to plan. Hoping everyone would enjoy the food and entertainment. Hoping my dress would fit. I had all the same worries that I hear my clients talk about.

The real reason we have a wedding is to join two lives into one. To celebrate the love we have found with all of our friends and family. So if there is one piece of advice I can give to my clients it is:
Relax and enjoy every moment of your special day. It will fly by and what really matters is you have found love.

Here are some photos of my wedding day just two short years ago. 07/07/07

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tie Fun!

At my DOC wedding last weekend I found a new site I love! I was so impressed by how well the ties of the groomsman matched the overall decor of the wedding. They were from the tie bar. I jumped on their website today and fell in love. There are so many colors and patterns, brides are bound to find something they love. They even offer boys ties, bowties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and ascots to match. They also have instructions on how to tie a tie? Which is very useful!
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