Friday, April 22, 2011

Inspired Creations Contest

My sister in law, and very talented wedding floral designer Tiffany Burdick of The Petal Boutique has partnered with Kara Schultz Photography and submitted a beautiful wedding design to the Inspired Creations Contest.  Check out the stunning design!

To see the full post click here to go to the sweetest occasions blog.  Make sure to leave a comment, every comment makes a difference in making it to the top 10 and further!

Great Job Tiffany and Kara!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Puzzle

 This is a custom wedding puzzle used as a guest book by BellaPuzzlesToo shop on Etsy.  Not only is it a great activity but a great heirloom to keep.  As guests arrive at your wedding they can sign  the back of a puzzle piece with a special message for the Bride and Groom.  Then throughout the night many of your guests may attempt to put the entire puzzle together

This puzzle has about 60 pieces large enough for signing. They come on 10 piece increments to suite any wedding size. They recommend that you get enough pieces for 70% of your guestlist. But make sure to place your order early as these custom pieces take 14 weeks to produce!

 They can even create custom cuts at your request, here are some examples:
1. Two names with a maximum of twelve letters (for example, “Sam & Lindsay”)

2. The couple’s initials (for example, “S & L”).

3. Event date (format will be “Jun 26 2011” or “26 Jun 2011” with no punctuation)
4. Two figure pieces (heart, leaf, animal, or state)

Each puzzle comes packaged with two pens perfect for signing on the pieces.

Here are the steps to place your order!!

- You purchase your puzzle and provide instructions for personalization.

- You send me high-resolution .jpg image file (minimum 200dpi, 1MB).

- They confirm details of order with you.

- They design and create your puzzle.

- They ship the puzzle to you with USPS Priority Mail (insurance, tracking, and delivery confirmation are included).

- Guests at your event sign the puzzle pieces. There is space on each piece for a name and short message.

Check out their site here!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Build your own Tuxedo!

This if for all our Grooms out there!  We are always creating design boards for our clients and I am just in LOVE with the Build a Tux feature that JoS A. Bank has created!  This allows me to create a look for the the gentleman in our design boards very easily.  I have created one for you today to show you the steps and how easy it is for you to design your own tuxedos! 

Step One: Select your Jacket
Step Two: Select your Pants
Step Three: Select your Shirt
Step Four: Select your Vest Pattern and Color
Step Five: Select your Tie Style and Color
Step 6: Select your Shoes
After you are finished it will give you a full report of your selections for you to print out and take with you to one of their local storefronts!

Here is the link for you to start Building your tuxedos!
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