Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DIY Emergency Kit

Just a few months ago I had a Client email me to find out the items that I traditionally carry in my Emergency Kit. She wanted to make a mini one for her friend who was getting married.

Here is a list of items that I would really recommend. These are the items that I most commonly use from my emergency kit:


Bobby pins

Safety pins


Facial powder or Blotting Papers (to reduce shine in photos)

Baby Powder (to shake in your shoes so your feet don’t get sweaty)


Handy wipes or wet ones



Doublesided tape

Small sewing kit




I usually go to Walmart, Target and Jewel for travel size items. But you could buy full sized if you can’t find a mini of a certain item.

Photo provided by:fireflygroupevents.com

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Its that time of year that we can all relax and enjoy the holidays with friends and family.

Merry Christmas from my family, to yours.

Amanda, David and Peanut Butter Burdick

photo by Malia Rae Photography

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NIU Bridal Expo 2010

Attention all local Brides! We are just a few short weeks away from the NIU Bridal Expo, January 10, 2010. The best part is Admission is FREE! We will be there so come out and see us! Here is all of the information that you will need:

Bridal Expo - January 10, 2010
Duke Ellington Ballroom

Sunday, January 10, 2010 11:00am - 4:00pm
Everything you need for your wedding:
Over 40 exhibitors
Groom's Room
Bridal fashion show
Taste testing

Admission is free

Buffet lunch provided in the Capitol Room
Food & beverage service to public provided by HSC Food Service
Complimentary wireless network access available

Holmes Student Center
340 Carroll Ave
DeKalb, IL, 60115
Phone: 815-753-6389
Fax: 815-753-3725

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

In the Spotlight

Heather Parker of Heather Parker Photography recently put La di events on the spot. Or shall we say in the spotlight. After working together this fall on Naomi and Andrews wedding vow renewal, Heather interviewed me to find out more about La di Events.
Check out Heather's Blog to see the interview and her awesome photos of Naomi and Andrews wedding.

Monday, December 14, 2009

La di Real Wedding: Kelly and Doug

This summer we had the pleasure of working with Kelly and Doug for their Lincoln Park wedding. Kelly tied all of the elements of the day together with a theme of black and white damask with a hot pink accent. Here is a snapshot of the beautiful day. All photos thanks to Malia Rae Photography.Prior to the ceremony Kelly and her maids stopped at Oz Park for some pre- ceremony shots. Here you see the hot pink accent come into play with her beautiful bouquet made by Dilly Lilly.

Oh how I love the pictures of the Groom anxiously awaiting his Bride. Here is Doug, smiling as we watches his Bride walk down the aisle at St James Lutheran, Chicago.

With a quick switch of a camera angle, Malia shows us exactly what it looks like from Dougs point of view.

And they are husband and wife!

Family photos were taken right outside on the church steps. Furry family included! Tucker, Kelly and Dougs dog was able to come for a few photos. He wore a hot pink bow to match the theme. Tucker was featured in our furry friends and family post earlier this year.

Kelly and Doug provided music and refreshments to entertain the bridal party and guests while they were taking their family photos. Everyone was in a great mood! Keenan Kamae played the Ukulele and sang along to many songs including the ever so beautiful "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Since Kelly and Doug's reception was just a few blocks away, the wedding party and guests chose to walk to BOKA. While the ceremony was taking place we made the walk and placed signs like this one above, along the way to guide guests to the reception.

Playing all the way, Keenan lead the walk to BOKA.

The reception was held at one of Kelly and Dougs favorite restuarants, BOKA, located at 1729 N. Halsted, in Lincoln Park.

Each table was decorated to match the theme with Black linens and a splash of Hot pink flowers as a centerpiece.

The damask excort cards were placed outside the restuarant for the guests to find their table assignment. Each card was placed nicely under a rock to keep them from blowing in the wind.

A copy of the invitation and menu card created by Andrea at Float Paperie, were placed in the menu box at the entrance for guests to preview.

Congratulations Kelly and Doug!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Looking to bring a touch of the holidays into your wedding day? How about incorporating Ornaments! They are a simple and inexpensive way to make your day unique. For those of you winter 2010 Brides, try shopping the after Christmas sales this year to pick up your ornaments at a great price. Here are some of the ideas I found that could be used in your wedding! Modern Girl Invitations offers this fun customisable invitation. They also offer all of the other stationary needs in this ornament design including; Direction, Response, Reception, Date, Thank you and Place cards.
To make a simple centerpiece place ornaments of assorted colors and sizes in a tall vase. This vase shown can be found at Micheal's.

I love this!!! What a simple way to decorate the cake.

Each escort card can be placed in these ornament card holders by wine enthusiast.
The possibilities are endless! And the best part is, when the wedding is over you will have all the ornaments to decorate the tree!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Reenie Rose

If you are one of the many brides sad to watch your bridal bouquet wilt away.......I have the solution for you!! Reenie Rose lets you keep your bouquet forever in the form of a custom designed oil painting.
Owner and Artist Loreen Hospodar starting her business by giving paintings to family and friends getting married. Her gift idea has now blossomed into a very exciting business. To find out more about her services visit her website here. To see her paintings in progress stop by her blog.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Meet Aubrey!

La di Events has had a very busy and exciting year. We were so busy these last few months that I didn't introduce our new planner, Aubrey!
Aubrey started with La di Events back in August. We are very excited to have Aubrey as a part of our team. Aubrey is now currently booking clients for 2010 and beyond!! Here is some fun information for you to get to know Aubrey.

Were You named after anyone?
A song by the band Bread from the 70's called "Aubrey" of course...haha...it's a story about a guy who would do anything to be with a girl named Aubrey...

Are you Married?
No, but when I do, I'm definitely going to need Amanda's help!

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Depends....If I'm lazy I just slip them off, which is quite a bit, but then I think about how I'm going to have to untie them once I want to put them back on....

What’s your favorite Ice cream?
Mint chocolate chip from Oberweis Dairy!! OH, I also love Ollie's in Sycamore...

If you were a crayon what color would you be?
Turquoise because it's my favorite color and it's just fun!

Favorite Smells?
Cinnamon rolls baking in the oven...haha....fresh fruit...garlic...pretty much any food. I'm not big on candles, perfumes, etc., but I do love the cologne Nick wears...Calvin Klein

Favorite day of the week?
Thursday, because I know the weekend is almost here. Also, Thursday seems to be a good TV night for shows...

Favorite part about planning weddings?
Seeing how it all comes together in the end and making it seem effortless...that's when you know you had a good wedding!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pumpkin Safari

Every year in Sycamore there is a HUGE Festival called Pumpkin Fest. Each year the courthouse lawn is covered in pumpkins decorated with the theme for that particular year. The festival has many activities that most festivals have, like a carnival and various crafts shows, a 10K run and more! But the biggest event each year is the Parade. Local Businesses, Organizations, Non for Profits and Bands from all over Illinois come to be a part of oneof the largest Parades in the state. All participants must adapt their float to the theme.

This year the theme was Pumpkin Safari! La di Events participated in the parade for the first of many years to come. We had a great time!!!! Check it out!

Thank you to all that helped by donating for this very fun promotion!!!

Tool Time rental, Halls Rental, BBJ Linens, OC Imageworks, Tiffany Burdick and Eric Gabriel

Also a special thanks to everyone that participated on the float and in the assembly:

David Burdick, Tiffany Burdick, Roger and Nikki Burdick, Ashley Reed, Chad Hintzche, Jared and Kara Poynter, Aubrey Pauly, and Nick Secrest.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Interested in having a favor station at your wedding? How about Popcorn!
No matter if you are in a small town or the city, popcorn is a treat that is treasured by all.

I live in the suburbs but travel to the city during the week, so I figured I would share my two favorite Popcorns in both places.

Sycamore, IL. The Popcorn Stand

This has been a favorite since I was very little. My family lived very close to downtown Sycamore, so we could walk up town to The Popcron Stand. They offer all of the classic favorites white popcorn, cheese popcorn, carmel Corn and popcorn balls! The best part is the quaint small town appeal of the old fashioned popcorn stand, which has been open by various owners for over 118 years!!!

Chicago, IL Garretts Popcorn

This is a chicagoland favorite. In 2002, Oprah featured the Garrett Mix on her Favorite Things episode. I have to agree with Oprah Because it is my favorite as well! They also offer Plain, Buttery and Caramel Crisp Popcorn.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Furry Friends and Family

When it comes to your wedding day, it is your closest friends and family that you want to celebrate with you. For some of us that includes our Furry friends and Family!! This Summer I had the pleasure of working with Kelly, Doug and their dog Tucker!
Tucker was able to come after the ceremony to participate in the Family photos taken by Malia Rae Photography. Tucker even had a pink bow around his collar to match the decor.
More photos of Kelly and Dougs wedding coming soon!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why do we do that? Part two

Many wedding traditions originated from superstitions and folktales. On Wednesday we gave you the first 9. Here is the second 9

10. Tying cans to the wedding car was done because, the noise frightens away evil spirits.

11. The Bride wears something blue because this shows the Bride and Groom are considered royalty.

12. The men have a stag party to kiss the bachelor days goodbye.

13. Carrying the Bride over the threshold was done because the Bride tripping meant bad luck.

14. The couple goes on a honeymoon, because it is considered the cooling off period for the Brides family.

15. Having a ring bearer is because the marriage was doomed if the ring fell on the ground.

16. Having a flower girl dropping petals, guarantees the couple many chances to have kids.

17. The Bride throws the bouquet, so the Brides good fortune is passed on.

18. Groom throws the garter to distract the guests so they keep their hands off the bride.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Why do we do that? Part one

Just a few weeks ago I attended a Bridal shower for my soon-to-be Cousin. At the shower we played a great game called "Why do we do that." Many wedding traditions originated from superstitions and folktales. So we were asked to match the custom with the original superstition.

There were 18 so here are the first 9. You can find the second half on this Fridays blog.

1. Designating a specific ring finger was because, it contains the vein of love.

2. The Bride wears a veil because it wards off evil spirits by disguising the Bride

3. The Bride wears a white gown because it proves the Brides worthiness.

4. Serving wedding cake to guests is so that guests can collect crumbs as a token of good luck.

5. Cutting the wedding cake together symbolizes the couples shared future.

6. The Bride stands on the left of the groom, so he can defend his bride, his right arm must be free.

7. The Bride carries a bouquet because the strong smell wards off evil spirits.

8. The groom wears a boutonniere so he is wearing his ladies colors to display his love.

9. The wedding party dresses alike, to confuse evil spirits about who is really getting married

Interesting isnt it...come back friday for the final 9.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Geneva Wedding Walk

CS Brides presents the

Geneva Wedding Walk

Sunday, September 20th
Geneva Commons 602 Commons Drive Geneva, IL 60134

The Geneva Commons Wedding Walk is the perfect time to see all Geneva has to offer to plan your unique wedding. You will have a chance to meet with venues, boutique shops, and visit some of the top wedding businesses in Chicagoland. Each bride that registers to attend this event will receive a must-have wedding planner. During the Geneva Wedding Walk, each bride will gather a lot of fabulous ideas, goodies and giveaways.

And don't miss out on the featured trip giveaways!Eight day, seven night stay for two at the beautiful Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. And adult-exclusive Marina hotel!(Provided by Aruba Tourism)Four nights, five days at the Deluxe adults-only, all inclusive Royal Cancun Resort, Cancun Mexico & two round trip air tickets on Apple Vacations to Cancun.(Provided by AAA & Apple Vacations)

Register Now www.genevabride.com Space is limited

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Custom Bridesmaid Jewelry

When it comes to Bridesmaids dresses and jewelry, Brides try their best to select items that could possibly be worn again. Most times thats easier said than done. But thats not true for my most recent find! I love this teagan necklace by Abby Hathaway.

Love the shells and pearls on the necklace, its a neutral color so it will match well with most colors. And this is a great length for bridesmaids.

Once the wedding is over your Bridesmaids can wear it long for a completely different look!

You can find this necklace on Abby Hathaways etsy store. Have a design in mind? Contact Abby for information on Custom Jewerly.

Crate and Barrels Throwing a Party!

Crate and Barrel is throwing a party for you to register!

You will recieve 2 full hours to register before the store is open to the public. You can enjoy food and drinks and the experts will be there to advise you as you register. Also if you register at this event you will recieve a hanblown heart shaped bowl.

Upcoming events on: September 13, October 4, and October 18 form 9-11am

For more information and reservations contact the store nearest you!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tea and Tour

Palmer House & CS Brides cordially invite you to


Thursday, September 17th4 PM - 6 PMPalmer House 17 East Monroe Street

Enjoy an afternoon of traditional English tea and sweet delicacies while embarking on a tour of the Palmer House's historic hotel and newly renovated ballrooms.

Discover the latest trends with informal modeling from Macy's Bridal Salon, all while indulging in the Palmer House's greatest tradition - tea!

To Purchase Tickets please call 312.917.3404
All attending brides are eligible to win a two night stay at the Palmer House
Future event onDecember 3

Friday, September 4, 2009

CS Brides' An Afternoon of Bridal Luxury 2009

Event: CS Brides' An Afternoon of Bridal LuxuryChicago’s Most Luxurious Bridal Event
Date: Sunday, October 4, 2009 Noon–4:00PM
Location: Spiaggia 980 North Michigan Avenue - Level Three

Enjoy the afternoon with CS Brides' third annual charitable wedding walk on Oak Street. This outdoor wedding walk will include glimpses of couture gowns, elegant jewelry, haute cuisine and delectable cakes at more than 25 stops along the famous shopping row. Brides-to-be will receive a luxury tote to collect gifts at each location (exclusively for the bride). The walk will begin at the Private Dining Rooms of Spiaggia.

$65 for the Bride (includes Tote Bag)
$25 per guest of the bride (Tote Bag not included)
*For tickets, order online*

A percentage of the proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association.
Online orders close October 1 at 5pm.

For additional event details, call 312.274.2508

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cake Cutting Ceremony

Cutting the cake is symbolically the first task that the Bride and Groom perform together as husband and wife. Feeding each other the first slice symbolizes the mutual commitment to one another.

So what does smashing the cake in each others face symbolize?

Have you discussed the Cake Cutting Ceremony with your Fiance?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Chapel in the Pines

One of my Sycamore clients is having her wedding ceremony at Chapel in the Pines, in Sycamore, IL. Quite possibly the most quaint and romantic ceremony location in Sycamore. But what really makes my heart melt is the Chapels history.
Donna Peterson tells this story of how her and her husband Howard built the Chapel:

"One day my husband Howard came home from work, and I asked", "Honey, would you build me a little white church in the corner of the hayfield?" Without a question, he said, "Okay, I can do that."

As Howard was finishing the chapel, people kept stopping by and asking, "Can we get married here?" And so the fairy tale began.
Howard finished the little white Chapel just in time for their 30th wedding anniversary. Four years later, the Chapel in the Pines was expanded to accommodate one hundred guests, without losing its quaint appeal.

Chapel in the Pines offers ceremonies in the romantic chapel, outdoors on the beautiful stone patio, or the picturesque gazebo. They also have a bridal cottage used as a dressing room for the bride and her maids. My favorite part is there is a closed circuit TV for the Bride to watch her guests entering the chapel!!

The Chapel in the Pines is available to rent 7 days a week, with ceremony time slots at 10:45, 1:00, 3:15, and 5:30

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Late Night Snack

After your guests have danced the night away they may work up an appetite. Many brides have acknowledged this very fact and have incorporated a late night snack into their reception.

By adding a late night snack to your catering menu it can also be applied to meet your minimum requirements.

So what is everyone serving at the wee hours of the morning?

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