Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Custom Invitations

Here at La Di Events we love being involved in all areas related to your wedding and event. So I am happy to say that we have decided to start offering custom wedding and event invitations.
To get things up and rolling I decided to create a few products for my social gatherings. One of our first projects was my birthday invitations.
Sometimes you just can envision exactly what you want for your invitation and that is what happened with my birthday invitation. I wanted it to be rustic, I wanted a fun font, I LOVE paisley, and so we were able to capture all of my requests in this custom invitation.
Yes I have to admit if you didn't already know, I am a little bit country!
We will keep you up to date with all of our future designs. Contact us for an invitation consultation.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Onesti Wedding Event

Come join me in viewing this very unique venue in St. Charles IL!
An Exclusive Wedding Professional Cocktail Reception

Who: Wedding Consultants (Bridal clients also welcome)
Where: Onesti Steakhouse & Supper Club, 18 North 4th Street, St. Charles
When: Thursday, May 6 from 6 – 8 p.m.

Located in a historic 160 year-old church, Onesti’s provides a beautiful setting for your client’s rehearsal dinner,
shower or reception.
Visit with local vendors and enjoy complimentary appetizers and wine at this unique venue

Kindly reply to Aubrey Pauly, Events & Catering Coordinator, at (630) 584-1888 or at

Complimentary Valet Parking Available.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Megans Bridal Shower Part 2

Yesterday we featured Megan's Bridal Shower Part 1 on the blog. In part one I shared the meal and decor from Megan's shower that I co hosted this past weekend and Durand State Bank in Durand, IL. Today I wanted to share with you the games and gifts from the shower. As you can see above, the first game that the guests played was "Who Knows the Bride and Groom."

Each guest was asked to answer the questions and the guest with the most correct answers won a prize.
The answers were read out load and the bride to be was able to elaborate on any questions from the guests.

You can find sample questions as well as ready to print documents here.

Our second game was one that I had never played before. It was Bridal Poetry. Each guest was asked to draw a word from each bowl. One bowl had household words like, dishes, leftovers, etc. The other bowl had sensual words like sexy and erotic! Each guest was asked to write a poem to the bride using the two words that they had drawn.

I loved the grandmas brainstorming together! Here is what they came up with. It read "it is not erotic to serve leftovers all the time" How funny is this game!!

Here is another example. She has underlined her words, they were "Physical" and "Power Tools

each guest read their poems for the Bride to declare the winner!!!

And last but not least! What would a shower be without gifts!!!

Megan's soon to be Mother-in-law showered her with gifts to celebrate Megan's Fiance's love for farming! She got Grill tools...
Chip and dip tray.....

and even a little something for the future!

Here is the one cup coffee maker!!

Megan was having fun unwrapping!

We all had a great time hosting as well as participating in Megan's shower. We wish her and her Fiance Matt nothing but happiness in the years to come!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Megan's Bridal Shower Part 1

This weekend I had the opportunity to co host a wedding shower for my good friend and Client Megan. We had a great time and wanted to share with you all of the details. The shower was hosted at the Durand State Bank in Durand IL. Since Megan is using black and white damask with a red accent for her wedding, we decided to change to color scheme a bit for the shower. We paired black and white damask with hot pink and orange. I love how the colors popped!
Here you can see the popcorn station that we designed for the shower. We ordered original, cheese, caramel and my favorite parmesan and garlic popcorn from

Here you see the cupcake wraps from Kitchen Krafts to let guests have a taste before choosing their flavor to take home.

Here is our guest of honor Megan! She matched her theme from head.....

to toe!!!! LOVE these shoes.

The centerpieces for the shower were created by my sister in law, Tiffany Burdick. She is the owner of The Petal Boutique. Website coming soon. For more information contact me here.

They featured, hydrangea, hot pink spray roses, orange circus roses, fuchsia stock and mokara orchids

Tiffany used rose stems to create a more modern arrangement for the popcorn station.

The Bride was in love with the smell of the roses!

We created a wrist corsage for Megan to finish off her look!

These are my lovely co hosts carrying out lunch for all of the guests.

Instead of having a lunch buffet each guest was given a prepacked individual lunch.

Looks yummy! huh! The best part of this idea if you are hosting an event is that clean up is a snap. Everyone placed their garbage back in the bags and we collected and disposed of them.

After lunch the bride could hardly wait to steal a taste of the popcorn.

So now that you have seen all of the decor and menu for the shower, check back Friday to see the games and gifts in Megan's bridal shower part 2

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Candy Buffet

Instead of Easter Baskets for everyone this Easter, I decided to prepare a Candy Buffet. It was a hit with my family. Especially my younger cousins. I have provided pictures below for you all to see.

These Sweettart Sour Bunnies were the most popular item on the Buffet and I have to admit I had my fair share!

I am cohosting a shower next weekend and we will be doing a popcorn Buffet very similar to this set up. Stop back next week to see that set up!

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