Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Growing Tree

As each year goes by the trees grow, their branches stretch larger and taller with every year that passes. For this reason we decided to showcase how Trevor had grown through the years by hanging his photos in this Manzanita tree centerpeice. Trevor, my husbands relative, graduated from Dekalb Highschool on June, 5th. Here is a snapshot of this graduation decor.

Love this photo!!

His cakes were created by my mother in Law, she doesnt have her own business, but I am always telling her to start one! Her buttercream frosting (Shown here) is to die for. Ok I am going to stop talking about it because it makes me hungry! If you are interested in her cakes contact me here.

Here are the centerpieces created by The Petal Boutique, my very talented sister-in-law. Orange roses and curly willow were used in these arrangements.

The party was great! Simple decor and arrangements to celebrate Trevors Graduation.
Had to sneak this one in! Here is my husband assisting with the placement of the chair cushions after the rain had stopped. He is sometimes with to help with local events and this time I caught him on camera!!
Congratulations Trevor!

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