Friday, July 9, 2010


Mmmmmm, Lillycakes. Well I was introduced to my new favorite treat by one of my clients. She was raving about them to the point that she emailed me a review of what she liked about each flavor. So after some not so painful arm twisting I called up Kelly Siebens the creator of Lillycakes to have a taste. I believe my exact words to her in my email reply immediately following my taste was subject: Lillycake Coma, Body: "I have just tasted heaven on a stick"!What is a Lillycake? Well first the name is after Kelly's adorable daughter Lilly!
A Lillycake is moist cake encased in chocolate on a stick. Or as I have renamed it "Heaven on a stick."
Since, my first taste which I believe was Wednesday June 23rd, I have already had two more batches of Lillycakes! Well I shared of course!! Above you see the very adorable Lillycakes that Kelly made special for my 3 year wedding anniversary. I loved that she took the time to decorate them special for our day!

My Husband has a sweet tooth just like me, maybe even worse, and he had 2 Lillycakes on the way home from Kelly's house! His personal favorite is Chocolate!

I am a big fan of the Red Velvet, and Lemon. Which funny enough I told Kelly that I was not a "lemon" type of girl and she said that I had to try it. Guess what Kelly, you were right!!

Here are more pictures of the standard Lillycakes which are available in the following flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon, Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Strawberry, Caramel, German Chocolate, Orange/Mimosa, and Peanut Butter.

Here you can see the Peanut Butter and German Chocolate! Yummmy! Each Lillycake comes individually wrapped to keep them fresh longer!
With the trend of Sweets tables showing up at events this is a great addition to any party. My Neighbor has already used them for a baby shower. I actually will be giving them out as a favor for my next event as well. Standard Lillycakes (shown above) are $18 a dozen. Specialty Lillycakes are $30 a dozen (Peeps, Hello Kitty, Graduation caps, etc)
Want to learn more about Lillycakes? Check out Lillycakes facebook page for more information! Or tune in Live to Fox News Chicago this Monday morning, July 12th, where Kelly and her Lillycakes will be featured on the Deal of the Day!

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