Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wedding Language

Its funny how the world that we live in with texting and social media has changed the way we communicate with one another.  Acronyms have taken over everywhere we go.  I find myself using them all the time while taking notes and communicating with our clients.  But I can't fool myself into thinking that every one knows what my favorite wedding acronyms stand for.  In doing some research for this post I found that there are way more that I even knew about. 
These are some of the new acronyms to learn:

B - Bride

BF - Boy friend, Best friend

BIL - Brother-In-Law

BM - Bridesmaid, Banquet Manager, Best Man

BP - Bachelor(ette) Party

CM - Catering manager

CP - Centerpiece
DIY - Do-it-yourself

DOC - "Day Of" Coordinator (Wedding planner hired for the wedding day.)

DW - Destination Wedding

EP - Engagement Party

ER - Engagement Ring

FBIL - Future Brother-In-Law

FFIL - Future Father-In-Law

FG - Flower Girl
FI - Fiance

FMIL - Future Mother-In-Law

FOB - Father Of Bride

FOG - Father Of Groom

FSIL - Future Sister-In-Law

G - Groom
GM - Groomsman (Groomsmen)

GP - Grandparent

GTG - Get Together

HM - Honeymoon

JP - Justice of the Peace

MOB - Mother Of Bride

MOG - Mother Of Groom

MOH - Maid/Matron Of Honor (I like to do mOH for Maid, and MOH for matron)

NWR - Not Wedding Related

OOT - Out Of Town (guests)

OOTGB-Out Of Town gift bags

PF - Pocketfold, pocket fold (an invitation with a pocket)

RB - Ring Bearer

RD - Rehearsal Dinner

SO - Significant Other

STD - Save The Dates

TY - Thank you (or thank you cards)

WP - Wedding planner, wedding party

WR - Wedding ring
Do you know of any more?  Please share!

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