Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last Minute Halloween Party Ideas!

Are you interested in throwing a Halloween Party but don't have the time or maybe the budget?  Here are some easy and affordable ideas for food, decor and music this Halloween!

Pumpkin Cheese Ball 
You can change your traditional cheese ball into a pumpkin!  All you need to do is cover it with Dorito chips and make the face with black olives and the stem with a pickle!
Pretzel Fingers
Also if you look to the left of this picture you will see "finger food"  You can cover pretzel rods with white chocolate and add chopped almonds for the fingernails.  Then for the container you can cover a cup with an old shirt sleeve! So Easy!

Spooky Dips
An easy way to make your dip more festive is to just add food coloring!  Here you can see not only did we dye the dips but we also placed them in small plastic cups and cut out the top of the pumpkins to display them in.

Ear Wax Sticks
This snack is creepy and fun!! These sticks are made to look like used q-tips. Place a small marshmellow on either side of a small pretzel, then dip the marshmallow's in butterscotch!! So Yummy!

Buy a few different types on gummy worms and arrange them all on a platter.  You can add a few fake spiders for decor! 

No need to go out and buy a bunch of decorations  Just cover your current decor with spiderwebs! You can find bags of fake spiderwebs at the dollar store.  A little goes a long way...literally.  Stretch the spiderwebs all around your home. Add tiny plastic spiders for a finishing touch.

Everything looks scarier in the dark.  Change out some of your traditional lights and replace then with black lights.  You can find these in the Halloween section at most stores.  Or also check the local hardware stores.

Candles are also great to create that haunted look.  Stop by the dollar store and get some black or white tapers to light throughout your home. 


Satellite Music
If you have digital cable you probably have a series of music channels. You can turn on the seasonal channel and listen to spooky selections all night!!

You can stream the AOL Radio Halloween Station from your Computer for free!

You could also make a fun playlist for your party on your IPOD.  Some of the songs that are on my playlist include:
"The Monster Mash"
"The Witch Doctor"
"The Time Warp", and

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

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