Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Engagement Party

You are engaged!! 
Well the Engagement Party is the time to announce your engagement and celebrate with family and friends.  But recently I was asked what is the "correct" etiquette for an engagement party.  So here is the answer straight from the source of all wedding etiquette, Emily Posts Wedding Etiquette by Peggy Post.

Who Hosts?
The Parents of the Bride host the Engagement Party.

What kind of Party?
There is actually no standard party format.  The most popular types are cocktail and dinner parties,

Who is invited?
Generally the guest list is limited to the couples relatives and close friends.

How do you invite guests?
Written or printed invitations are normally sent, but for an intimate gathering phoned invitations are acceptable.

Do you open the gifts at the party?
Only if gifts are given by everyone should the gifts be opened at the engagement party.  After opening the couple should personally thank each guest. However, written thank you's are still required.

What type of engagement party is your family planning?

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