Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ring Warming? More Like Heartwarming! LOVE IT!

You know what's adorable? Ring Warming Ceremonies. Wait, you've never heard of a ring warming?! OMG well let me explain.

I also had never heard of a ring warming until I stumbled across this TOTALLY AMAZING wedding on the Weddingbee Boards. If you are not already on Weddingbee, I suggest you get on that ASAP. Not only is it FULL of awesome tips and info from other real brides, the message boards are also like watching a million wedding reality shows at once. There's A LOT of drama, intrigue, and suspense, and also a lot of super nice, helpful people.

Here is the basic idea: Place your rings in a visible spot near the entrance to your ceremony as guests are walking in.  Make sure you designate a groomsman, usher, or other trusted person to be on ring watch. Then put up a sign that invites guests to "warm" your rings, while holding the rings and making a happy wish! Here is an example of a sign that another Weddingbee member made:

Adorable right?! Here's a super cute ring warming action shot: 
Image Borrowed from Here
Now the only question is, how do you appropriately display these rings?  Well, some people use ribbons to tie them to something solid, so that no one accidentally walks off with them.  See here: 
Image Borrowed from Here
But my favorite option is to have a very lovely ring box in which to display your rings, which you can save as a keepsake after the wedding!  Etsy seller FloMade designs lovely proposal boxes, which could easily be customized into ring warming boxes.  Aren't they pretty?
So what do you guys think about ring warming ceremonies?  Are you as in love with this idea as I am?  Will you do a ring warming at your wedding? Is this the most heartwarming thing you've ever seen?

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