Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shout it out!!! Its Magic!

As each wedding has arrived I have found myself falling in love with a new item in my emergency kit. This weekend was the first time I was forced to use shout wipes and now I completely believe in magic.....

It was about 5pm this Saturday when the Bride arrived for her beautiful ceremony and reception at the Stan Mansion. As she walked through the door I could see that there was something wrong. She had sat on Chocolate in the limo we believe and it was all over the back of her dress!!! The tears were starting to well up in her eyes as I escorted her upstairs to my emergency kit. I debated in my mind which item in my kit was best suited for this type of emergency. I decided to go with the shout wipes. I was absolutely AMAZED!!! The shout wipes completely removed the stain. As she walked down the aisle I was still excited that there was no sign there had ever been such an emergency. Thank you Shout wipes!

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