Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Interested in having a favor station at your wedding? How about Popcorn!
No matter if you are in a small town or the city, popcorn is a treat that is treasured by all.

I live in the suburbs but travel to the city during the week, so I figured I would share my two favorite Popcorns in both places.

Sycamore, IL. The Popcorn Stand

This has been a favorite since I was very little. My family lived very close to downtown Sycamore, so we could walk up town to The Popcron Stand. They offer all of the classic favorites white popcorn, cheese popcorn, carmel Corn and popcorn balls! The best part is the quaint small town appeal of the old fashioned popcorn stand, which has been open by various owners for over 118 years!!!

Chicago, IL Garretts Popcorn

This is a chicagoland favorite. In 2002, Oprah featured the Garrett Mix on her Favorite Things episode. I have to agree with Oprah Because it is my favorite as well! They also offer Plain, Buttery and Caramel Crisp Popcorn.

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