Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why do we do that? Part two

Many wedding traditions originated from superstitions and folktales. On Wednesday we gave you the first 9. Here is the second 9

10. Tying cans to the wedding car was done because, the noise frightens away evil spirits.

11. The Bride wears something blue because this shows the Bride and Groom are considered royalty.

12. The men have a stag party to kiss the bachelor days goodbye.

13. Carrying the Bride over the threshold was done because the Bride tripping meant bad luck.

14. The couple goes on a honeymoon, because it is considered the cooling off period for the Brides family.

15. Having a ring bearer is because the marriage was doomed if the ring fell on the ground.

16. Having a flower girl dropping petals, guarantees the couple many chances to have kids.

17. The Bride throws the bouquet, so the Brides good fortune is passed on.

18. Groom throws the garter to distract the guests so they keep their hands off the bride.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. i am curious about the silver six pence. do you know what that is for?


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