Friday, April 16, 2010

Megans Bridal Shower Part 2

Yesterday we featured Megan's Bridal Shower Part 1 on the blog. In part one I shared the meal and decor from Megan's shower that I co hosted this past weekend and Durand State Bank in Durand, IL. Today I wanted to share with you the games and gifts from the shower. As you can see above, the first game that the guests played was "Who Knows the Bride and Groom."

Each guest was asked to answer the questions and the guest with the most correct answers won a prize.
The answers were read out load and the bride to be was able to elaborate on any questions from the guests.

You can find sample questions as well as ready to print documents here.

Our second game was one that I had never played before. It was Bridal Poetry. Each guest was asked to draw a word from each bowl. One bowl had household words like, dishes, leftovers, etc. The other bowl had sensual words like sexy and erotic! Each guest was asked to write a poem to the bride using the two words that they had drawn.

I loved the grandmas brainstorming together! Here is what they came up with. It read "it is not erotic to serve leftovers all the time" How funny is this game!!

Here is another example. She has underlined her words, they were "Physical" and "Power Tools

each guest read their poems for the Bride to declare the winner!!!

And last but not least! What would a shower be without gifts!!!

Megan's soon to be Mother-in-law showered her with gifts to celebrate Megan's Fiance's love for farming! She got Grill tools...
Chip and dip tray.....

and even a little something for the future!

Here is the one cup coffee maker!!

Megan was having fun unwrapping!

We all had a great time hosting as well as participating in Megan's shower. We wish her and her Fiance Matt nothing but happiness in the years to come!

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