Monday, June 8, 2009

Colgate Wisp

While preparing for a wedding this past weekend I took a trip to the store to replenish items in my emergency kit. I needed to replace a toothbrush and mouth wash and while in the aisle I ran across Colgate wisp.
The package states that it is a mini-brush with a freshening bead, and no water needed. I was intrigued so I bought a few 4 packs.
After snacking on Subway sandwiches the bride and her maids needed to freshen up and asked me for mints. I offered them the Colgate wisp instead.
They were a hit! I tried one myself as well. Very refreshing, I was shocked. It even has a soft pick on the end for cleaning in between teeth.
They will now be a staple in my emergency kit for all brides to enjoy!

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