Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What is la di?

It is very common during my initial consultations that I get asked about my business name. Some believe it is pronounced "lady (ladi)" Some ask why I left out the da (la di da)!

But my favorite was a consultation I had with one of my current bride and grooms. The groom was very quiet through the entire meeting so I asked if he had any questions. He said, "Yes, what is la di?" I laughed and told him this story!

As I was taking all the steps to start my business I ran into a pitfall. It came time to declare my business name and I was stumped! I wanted something unique yet sophisticated. And I wanted the name to be meaningful to me.

I had asked my family and friends to help me brain storm names. There were lots of names that we discussed but nothing that felt right.

While over at my parents one night we sat on the back porch throwing out names: Elegant Events, Amanda's Events, Fabulous Events, Soiree, Bash.........

Then it happened!!! My mom was frustrated that we hadnt found the name and she said;

"Oh Amanda, I dont know what to call your business!! When someone calls me and wants help with a party I just say, Let Amanda Do It!!"

And the name was created!! I thought "Let Amanda Do It" was long for a name so I shortened it to la di. And that is what la di is!

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  1. This is so original. I thought it was la di w/o the da, too. Kudos to your mom, I love it!


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