Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Colorlab Custom Cosmetics

When it comes to buying gifts for my girlfriends I am always looking for something new and fun. After an appointment in Lincoln Park I went for a walk to stop in a few shops. That's when I found Colorlab Custom Cosmetics. You are able to invent your own custom blended makeup. Foundation, blush, lipstick, gloss, eyeshadow, etc. I purchased the empty containers and gave them to my girlfriends as birthday gifts.
When you go to make your cosmetics you are partnered with an inventor that will help advise you on the different powders and pigments. The inventor will add colors until the make up is your perfect match! And if you are a curious person like me you will enjoy the process of seeing how makeup is actually made! One of my favorite parts is that after you have made your makeup you get to name it!
Also for those of you that have a favorite eyeshadow or lipstick that has been discontinued, your worries are long gone. You can take your discontinued colors to colorlab and they will recreate it for you! Amazing!
So if you are looking for a fun gift or activity for a shower or bachelorette party, check out Colorlab!

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